Sunday, September 17, 2006

In which many words are emphasized via italics. So I'm becoming more resigned to the fact that insipid, lisping girls whose fathers are in positions of power will probably have more resources and opportunities now than I ever will, which is aggravating and unfair and the way of the world, but I have a great head of hair and naturally beautiful teeth and a brain, so I shouldn't complain.
I've assignments that are eating me up, inside-out. I go to bed thinking about them, I wake up and they're the first thing on my mind! They're is taking over my life! I kind of like it! Sort of!
The thing is that I have to find an interesting story for my photojournalism class and, you know, take pictures. And I do live in one of the most interesting cities in the country, but still, that is part of the problem.
Also, I want to do something brilliant for my English honors thesis, something brilliant and different and interesting both to do and to read/see/hear. However, I want it to be conceptual art because I cannot pick a topic, and it will be creative and not critical analysis, damn you all! I want it to be something, you know!
Commit! Commit or quit!
I'm one of fourteen paradelles, a made-up form that took on a life of its own. Maybe I stand a chance at this, maybe I am destined for something more than a lifetime of being somebody's paper-pusher or slogan-writer or just-a-wife. Commit! Hit it and quit!


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